Emmie Turns Five

Emmie was sad I didn’t post her party so I promised I would put up her Minnie Mouse Celebration! This was a fun day and she enjoyed every minute about it!

Scooter Girl

Emmie loves camping because she has free access to her scooter. She feels like a big kid. She is very small for her age so she looks so little on her scooter going around the campground.

Emmie at Church

Emmie has her own style and I can never get her to wear anything she doesn't want to!

Jonah at school 4th grade

Jonah at school. The one place where he is always good, always listens & always make his parents proud!

Zack, Noah, & Devon

The boys get together on breaks and hang out at the beach. They have been friends since birth!

Emmie Surfs!

Noah teaching Emmie how to surf. I love this shot, She really trusts her big brother!
It’s been a while since I have posted much of anything so I thought I better update before summer. Noah turned 13 April 19th and is a total man. He starts 8th grade and is just such a great kid. Jonah turned 10 May 23rd and is still our little guy. He is going into 5th grade. He is very sweet and tender hearted. Both boys love surfing and skateboarding. Emmie turned 5 on April 21st and is all princess. She is nothing but little girl. We had a Minnie Mouse Party for her, she loved it. We also have adopted a little dog who we rescued from the Humane Society. She is a adorable and fun and Emma’s best friend! I now have two little girls who follow me everywhere! I am sad to say I am not in cardswap anymore and miss the creative deadlines and challenges. Not to mention the girlfriends. I figure I now have time to scrapbook my children’s baby books and all our vacations or summer’s at the beach. But, 8 months have gone by and I am almost out of cards and really have not done much other that clean my craft room. It looks really good though!!!! Brad is great, working hard and loving his job. I am going to post a ton of pictures I have taken over the last 8 months and try to keep up. Summer is here and I will need some luck with the keeping up on blogging.

Emmie polkadot boutique birthday party!

Brad's 50th Birthday Cake!

Old fashion candy store