Halloween Was So Much Fun!

We had so much fun this year! We went to Bates Nut Farm to feed the animals and pick out pumpkins. It was neat to see the little girls trying to pick up the heavy ones. We took some fresh lettuce and carrots for the animals this year, it was easier for the little ones to feed them. We went to another pumpkin patch that had rides, the boys loved it! We will definitely be back next year. We had our annual Fall Festival at school and played lots of games. This year my friend Charla and I did lots of baking for the festival to raise money for the school it was so much fun! This year Noah was a zombie, Jonah was a vampire and Emmie was a princess and a witch. They were all so cute! We crashed our old wards Trunk or Treat. Our ward decided to not have one this year, the kids were really sad so we visited some old friend and made some new ones! Halloween night we went to Carmel Mountain Ranch and went to all the stores. They have an annual Trick or Treat for all the kids in the neighborhood. Then as if we needed more candy the kids decided to do a little more trick or treating all the way to our friends house. We finished the night with a scary movie and Pat and Oscars. I just love Halloween and this year was so much fun!

Halloween At Our Home

September Baby Card with Buttons

Cardswap Baby Cards with Buttons

This month was fun for me! I loved making this card, well actually a gift card pocket pouch. I made little origami stars that matched to fill these little pockets. My friend and Co-Cardswap girl Kadee was so kind to show us all how to make the little stars. I fell in love with this paper and then found this cute stamp. I am in love with orange and everyone knows I adore scalloped edges. Kadee and I went to the Scrapbook Expo on Saturday and had so much fun. I learned how to use my Quickcutz Revolution that I bought last year! Now I can cut out as many scalloped edges as my little heart wants!

Yes Jonah, it's over!

Yes! The summer has come to an end. We are so sad to see the kids returning to school. We really got used to spending our days at the beach and playing all day. We spent a lot of time together as a family camping at the beach in Coronado & Carlsbad, going to Sea World, the Fair, we even spent a few days in Orange County with Brads Mom & Dad, Sister and her family. The Hyatt Regency was beautiful with an amazing view of the ocean. We really had so much fun! We are all so blessed to be able to have such a great place to live. I took some great pictures of the kids and tried to capture the fun in the faces of my little ones.

What do you mean the summer is over?

A few more cards from my messy room! Some old some new!

A few new cards I have been working on.

I loved this color combination! The zebra print is my new favorite! This was a fun color challenge.

Cardswap Pop-Up Cards


April is a crazy month for us! Noah turned 10, Emma turned 2 and Papa turned older then last year! We are planning a party for Noah and he wanted a Soldier Party. My friend Sharla who is a former Marine is helping me. I think we should have our hands full with 12 little guys dressed up and ready to fight. We are also having a Princess Party for Emmie. I am a little more nervous about this one 12 to 15 little girls playing dress up. I have asked my friend Button (Amanda) to be my Princess helper. She is so good with little ones, and beautiful too. It has been a blessing having a little girl, to see the world through her eyes is so enlightening. Everything is simple with her. She is amazed buy things I forget to see, birds, flowers, sounds that make her giggle. She has been so much fun for our family. Brad calls her his heart. She got him through his heart surgery. He said he kept thinking of her growing up and didn't want to miss it. We have been so blessed these last two years!

March Card Swap

This is my latest card for card swap.
Next month card swap is {pop up cards} I have been researching ideas and have come up with a few. The girls in my swap are the best of the best and believe me when I tell you it is like being in a college course with each month having another difficult challenge, only I am the student who must have snuck into this class. I am basically blessed to be among such talented friends. I hope you like me style and if you have any feedback or helpful ideas please let me know.