Okay, so it's been a while since my last update. We just past spring break and now I am getting ready for birthday parties again! Emmie will be 3 this month she is such a little girl and loves pink pink pink! Noah will be 11 and his love for building things science and history he must get from his father! I am planning a Barbie Princess Party for Emmie and Noah will have a Wii party for a few friends. Then in May Jonah will be 8 and he will be getting baptized! I am going to have the biggest Luau Party for him and we are going to get him another surfboard. He has turned out to be the little surfer! He is ready for his own board! Time sure seems to fly! They are all growing up so fast!

I just got a new computer and hope to be able to keep up with my posts! The kids are not allowed to use it anymore due to the constant problems. This means it's mine all mine! All I need now is a little free time and some creative ideas. I will be able to check out other blogs for cute ideas and I can start keeping in touch again! If anyone knows of any great blogs they think I would love let me know!